Twitter Hashtags: Stop the Spam

Sign, Stop

Stop the Madness

Have you seen the outrageous use of Twitter hashtags?  Most people don’t even realize they are spamming others on their Twitter stream but it’s very obvious they are so here’s a quick lesson.

Please don’t use single words like #coffee #sugar #tea when tweeting.  The whole point of using Twitter hashtags is to keep up with a conversation. So it would be better in that case to use something like #coffeelovers (which I see there is actually a hashtag for!) where people can talk about their love for coffee.  Or here’s another one I see a lot #workouts.  OK but let’s get more specific.  I think it would be better to separate this in to #homeworkouts, #gymworkouts or even #cardioworkouts.  It’s like we are taught with keyword research, it’s much harder to rank for single keywords in the search engines and it’s better to go for the long tail keyword phrases.  I look at hashtags in a similar way.  Be more specific and you’ll make better connections.

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