Facebook Social Networking: Fan Page Friday Tips

Facebook Social Networking TipsThe Key to Quality Networking on Facebook

What better day to post this than Friday!  There is some Fan Page Friday engagement etiquette I think everyone who participates should follow.

It shocks me a lot to see how some people network on Facebook. You have probably seen it on your own page.  Someone follows you from a fan page Friday party and they send you a private message AND post to your page letting you know they followed you from that fan page Friday.

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Socialnomics: How Has Social Media Changed the World

Socialnomics is a fantastic book that discusses how social media effects up today.  Here is a great video that shows different statistics on Social Media.

Check out Socialnomics!

Hot Social Media News for Oct. 16, 2010

October 13, 1960 Post Gazette headlines: BUCS ARE THE CHAMPSSocial Media News for this week:

We all know that most teenagers are involved in social media some how.  How about your younger kids?  Sometimes it is really hard to find fun and safe social networks for children. On Mashable you can find 5 safe social networks for children.

For businesses you looking to enter into marketing online here are 9 awesome ways to market a business blog. Also building a great social media strategy post will be very helpful.  There are a lot of things to know about social media marketing.  This includes knowing the benefits of writing a blog series!

There are some new changes in Facebook.  This doesn’t include the movie about Facebook!  Did you know that you can leave personalized voicemail for Facebook friends?  I had know idea until this week!  Here are simple instructions on how to clear the chat history on Facebook!

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Facebook Hot for High School Reunions

High School Reunions and Facebook

Danielle posted a video the other day about the effects of Facebook and I wanted to share a quick story to expand on some of her points.

Over the last year my husband has been connecting with some of his old grade school and high school buds.  We signed up to attend his 30th high school reunion after a few of his classmates started planning it.  They set up a Facebook group for their graduating class and started sending out invites on Facebook (and via postal mail).  From there it just snowballed and people were making connections left and right.  There were some classmates that were hard to find but with a bit of searching even some of those people were found.

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What Are the Effects of Facebook on Your Life?

Facebook has really taken over some lives.  It is a social networking site that is used by all ages and is connecting people like never before!  What I want to know is what are the effects of Facebook on YOUR life!

I have had so much fun on Facebook because I have connected with people I thought I would never see again.  I know what is going on with my family in other states and countries because they post it their walls!  I can see up-to-date pictures of my nieces and nephews that live hundreds of miles away.  Not only that I get great coupons from my favorite companies.  I can enter sweepstakes (another hobby of mine).  Facebook has become very versatile. We have recently started a Get a Social Boost Fan page!  This is another way we can connect to people that are in need of our services!

Angie and I would love to find out how you use Facebook?  Please let us know how Facebook effects your day-to-day life?  Have the changes been negative or positive? Give us all the dirt!!