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KARPOV THE WRECKED TRAINDo you know who is using social media online?  Most people assume it is only the teens or those in there twenties.  Well think again!!  I recently read a post on the Village Soup called Think social media is just for the young? and it talks about this specifically!  There is also a great post written by Pew Internet that refers to the older population online!

Young adults tend to be the highest users of social media but a survey done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International shows that the older generations have been signing up and joining the fun.  Here are some of the stats:

  • Between April 2009 and May 2010, social networking use among internet users ages 50-64 grew by 88%–from 25% to 47%.
  • During the same period, use among those ages 65 and older grew 100%–from 13% to 26%.
  • By comparison, social networking use among users ages 18-29 grew by 13%—from 76% to 86%.

If your target market is 50+ years do not count out social media online as your marketing plan.  From personal experience Most of the people that I know that are 50+ years have really gotten involved in Facebook.  In some cases they participate in social networking on Facebook more than I have in the past!

This survey goes to show you that a well rounded marketing plan is important for any business.
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What is social media?

What is social media?

Social media is something different to everyone.  We believe it’s a way to get your message to the masses, get immediate answers, engage with others in real time with valuable conversation while using specific tools to manage all of it.  Digital word of mouth!  Let’s say you own a local farmer’s market and aren’t getting the foot traffic you really desire.  Out of the blue, one of your local customers posted on their Facebook page that they went to the most awesome farmer’s market (in your town) and told about their experience.  So their friends and followers start asking questions and your customer has now gotten the attention of at least 5-10 people who might be interested in stopping by the farmer’s market.  Then imagine what would happen if all of those friends tell their followers on Facebook and Twitter and now hundreds of people have seen the message about your awesome market.  The power of social media!

Here is a great video about social media in plain English

Is social media overated?

I know it’s said by some that the term social media is overrated but for myself personally I have found it to be an amazing source of information, learning, meeting new people, finding people I lost touch with, finding new places to visit, food to try and so much more.  As you see by my example above, social media is THE way to go. So many people are using the Internet these days that you never know who might come across your message.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone uses social media the way it’s intended to be used.  You’ll find a ton of junk out there too where people spam their offers and a lot of people can be downright mean and rude.  I’m always shocked at some of the things I see people put out there on the Internet.  Remember whatever you put out there on the Internet will be there forever. No taking it back.

Social Media & Social Networking: Is there a difference?

Are you familiar with the difference between social media and social networking?  A lot of people get the two confused and everyone has a different definition.  Here is what we believe.  Social media tools such as blogs, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and forums are a platform people and companies use to spread the word about their brand and get their products/services seen all over the World Wide Web.  Social networking is the practice where a group of people connect, bookmark and link to each other with similar interests.  A social network (such as Linked In, Digg, Foursquare, etc) is joined with the intent of building relationships and sharing information you find on the web.

What is social media to you?

What Is A Social Media Manager?

social media engagement ring

Social Media is a big buzz word these days.  It is the new hot thing in marketing.  But what is a social media manager?  You could make some guesses. You may even be right!!

First of all let’s talk about why social media is good for your business.  Whether you have a big business and do millions of dollars in business every year or you are a very small business, you need social media. In order to find leads, make sales and build your brand you must put yourself in front of people.  According to Facebook, people spend over 500 billion minutes per month on their site.  Twitter revealed in April of 2010 that they now have 105,779,710 registered users and 180 million unique visitors come to the site every month. What better places to get in front of your potential clients and customers! So back to the original question.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager is someone who understands social media websites and has used them successfully.  They use their knowledge and skills to assist you in keeping your
accounts current and attracting the best people for your company.  They can also assist you in developing a plan to help your business stay well represented on social networks.  If you want to make sure that your reputation is upheld, a manager can monitor the networks for complaints, praise and other significant comments that you will enable you to address them quickly.

A Plan Just For You

Social media needs are different for each company.  A large corporation may need a social media manager to handle customer service and reputation monitoring as well as updates for them.  They also may need content creation on blogs, websites and even articles to be written and distributed to the main networks.  These are things that can all be handled by one person!  On the other hand if you are a small business that handles all of your own updates for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, that is great!  You may just get too bogged down by the amount of spammers that keep sending you offers through these sites!  Here is where a manager can step in and clean things up for you so that all you see when you go to your Twitter account are the legitimate direct messages that will help your business.

How Can a Social Media Manager Help With Twitter?

One of the most tedious things you face when you have a growing and successful business is getting followers and finding who to follow on Twitter.  Everyone loves followers, right?  They are great but it takes up so much time to review who you want to follow back!  You can let your SMM know what kind of people you want to follow and each day they can go into your account and review people for you and hit that follow button!  You will not believe how much time this alone will save you.  It will also increase the eyes that will see what you want to say!

Clearing out auto direct messages is another big thing a SMM can do for you.  This will allow you to see the direct messages that will help your business grow and allow you to handle problems quickly. Continue reading What Is A Social Media Manager?