HOT Social Media News For Sept 4, 2010

RollIt seems that every week in the world of Social Media there is a lot of news.  Here are some of the highlights that you might be interested in.

27 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed – Here is a post from Mashable that includes a lot of news about social media that you may have missed!

How CEO’s Will Use Social Media In The Future – This post is great because it describes the way social media will effect the CEO’s in the future.  They will no longer be untouchable.  They will essential be required to be available for there customers/clients.

11 Whys I’m a Social Media Addict – Here is eleven great things we get out of social media!

How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog –  I really enjoyed this post because it is going back to the basics!  The best part is encouraging people to be brief!  I love to read blog posts and there are so many great ones out there, but I am also a mother, a wife and many other things.  I don’t always have time to read a ten paragraph blog post.  Keep things brief and of good quality and I will return often.  This post also has some really great conversation in the comments!

Facebook Beefs Up Security – Mashable tells us all about what they are doing to make sure you are secure when participating on Facebook.

What posts or articles have you enjoyed this week?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nadia Szopinska

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