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Twitter Follow With Care -Don’t Always Rely on Automation

Do you REALLY know who you are following on Twitter?  I would venture to guess that most of us don’t know everyone we follow but it’s very important that we pay attention to that.  If you use any type of automated follow software be cautious.  When someone follows you and you have auto follow in place you really have no clue WHO you are following back but your followers sure will.

Imagine the surprise of those who might just decide to take a peek at your main Twitter profile page to see who you follow.  They can click on all of those people you follow and if you’re not careful in who you choose to follow they very well might find something that will turn them off immediately and lose all respect for you.

When you follow someone on Twitter, they get an email with a few stats that list some of your current followers.  I have seen tasteless avatars and Twitter handles in these emails not to mention outrageous profile tweets when clicking through to what I think might be a potential new Twitter ‘friend’.  In fact I just got one today. This person had a raunchy avatar and unmentionable tweets so I blocked the user immediately and they can no longer be seen on the list of people that follow me, thank goodness.

Sure it can take time to go through and screen followers but to me it’s time well spent.  I would much rather be cautious and not offend anyone.  Sure some will slip through the cracks at times but do the best you can and you will truly stand out from the rest.

*Note*  Most social media managers use automated follow software and we have personally chosen not to use automation unless we feel that it will benefit our clients and/or it’s something they choose.  We believe that it’s all about quality not quantity.

You Don’t Have to Follow Everyone Who Follows You

It’s important to follow people that have great information to share and who know the true meaning behind social media and networking so PLEASE don’t ever feel that you must follow everyone that follows you.  Some people will be offended but they will get over it.  Sure, you following 50,000 people might look good but how can you properly network with that many people?  I don’t think it’s possible!  And know that it’s OK for you to change your mind over time as well.  If you find that someone you initially followed is just not the right fit for you feel free to unfollow them at any time.


I always go through new followers to see if they really are worth following.  I look at the bio and recent tweets and usually I can see within the first page whether or not they are someone I want to connect with.  It’s wonderful to get recommendations from others as to who to follow.  Networking at its best!  Know what your objective is when it comes to your Twitter profile.  Some people that follow me on my personal Twitter profile might be a better fit for our Get a Social Boost profile and vice versa.  A little research goes a long way!

Don’t Annoy

And lastly, please don’t send Twitter DM’s (direct messages) with your link or other promotions.  A lot of people can’t stand spam and will quickly remove you from their list just as fast as they added you.  Not only does it waste peoples time having to get notice in their email but it fills up their direct message Twitter stream which can be annoying.  I would much rather see someone tweet with a quick, “Thanks for the follow, tell me something about yourself” and maybe offer up a link to a freebie there on Twitter instead of filling up my inbox.

These were just a few tips that I have found necessary and although they could be a bit complex, over time it will be worth it!

What is your #1 Twitter follow tip?

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  1. To be honest I would stay away from auto follow sites all the time as they really don’t do you any good. People that you pick up as followers through those sort of systems are never going to be worth anything or convert in to anything of any true meaning.

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