Hot Social Media News For Nov. 27, 2010

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This week most people are focused on the holiday and everything that comes with it…family, food and shopping.  I sure hope you enjoyed your holiday.  I started the week wondering if I would be home with my family.  I traveled to Idaho where we got hit with a big winter snow including a blizzard warning.  Thank heavens I made it home for an enjoyable holiday with my husband and kids.

I don’t know how many of you have been paying attention to the social media news this week.  News didn’t stop for the holiday!

First off home land security was hard at work this week.  They were busy taking websites done, apparently they seized over forty domains.  These websites were possibly taken down for Copyright issues and selling counterfeit items.

With the holidays upon us sometimes it is really hard to keep up with blogging.  This is a great post that shares 25 ways to use the web to find content for your blog. This will help you in the coming weeks!

We are a society now that feels the need to be connected…but how?  Would you rather stay home during the holidays and spend that money on technology?  That is what a recent study says.  People are opting to stay home and buy more gadgets! Which gadgets are you spending your money on this holiday season?

One thought on “Hot Social Media News For Nov. 27, 2010”

  1. I loved the link to the post for 25 ways to use the web to find content and tried to leave a nice comment but couldn’t because they don’t make it easy. So thought I would just reply here and say there are some great tips on that post. Added a few new sites to my Google reader from it.

    As for the gadgets, we aren’t changing how we do things…still going on a 9 day vacation to Jamaica and I’m getting an ipad LOL

    Great news links this week!

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