Facebook Page Ideas: Layout a Day

Today we are looking for some Facebook page ideas and tips for Lain of Lay Out a Day.  Layout a Day on Facebook is a brand new page.  If you are interested in simple scrapbooking ideas, join her over there.  Let’s help her out!

Facebook is all about connecting, listening to the needs of others and sharing our expertise right?

So let’s please give Lain some suggestions on types of things she could share on her Facebook page to engage with her ‘fans’.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  We have already discussed a few things as you’ll see below.

Facebook Page Ideas for Layout a Day

  • Post something to your Facebook page every day if possible
  • Start a new discussion (under discussion tab) each week to get readers involved
  • Add photos of various completed scrapbooking layouts
  • Share links to other scrapbooking ideas you find/help promote others

Those are a few tips that were given to Lain and we would like for you to give your input.

Ready, set, GO…….

*Danielle and myself offer social media management packages here at Get a Social Boost so please let us know if you need anything.

Comments (4)

  1. Lain Ehmann

    Thanks, ladies! I sent out an email blast to my FB friends and was able to get enough followers to grab my custom URL. Yippee! And I added a Flickr tab. So I’m raring to go!

    Any suggestions are much appreciated. :)

    1. Angie (Post author)

      Awesome Lain, you are on a roll! I updated the post to reflect that. Hope to get some good ideas for your page.

  2. Robert Nelson

    Good job Angie & partner. Quick suggestion put your names below your pictures in the right sidebar.Have followed, liked, etc .Keep up the great work and much success.

    1. Angie (Post author)

      Thanks Robert. The picture in the sidebar of us is actually part of Twitter so we can’t add anything to that (it’s part of the blog theme). Appreciate the input.

      If you have any tips for Lain’s Facebook page that would be awesome too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.


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