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Home screenRecently I upgraded my cell phone to an Android capable phone.  This is my first smart phone of any kind.  Today I got to thinking, how do people decide on whether to get an Android or iPhone. Is it because of recommendations from friends?  Maybe it is because of all the publicity of one or the other.  So how do you choose?

Here is why I choose an Android:

  • I don’t like AT&T! I have been with them before and I was not impressed. I would have to use them if I got an iPhone.
  • I am already with Verizon.  A lot of my family is with Verizon, which means I can talk to them FREE!
  • I could upgrade FREE.  I didn’t get the Droid but the LG Ally and I didn’t have to pay anything for it because of my contract.  So once again I got it FREE!

It really had nothing to do with whether I would like an Android or iPhone it was all about economics for me!

How do I like the Android?

I love it!  I have had it for two weeks now.  I am finally pretty comfortable with it.  I got an Android because of my business.  Since I have four children I am not always home.  There is a lot of waiting in my life. Waiting for the kids to be done at the dentist. Waiting at the school for my daughter to receive an award in an assembly.  Waiting for my son to be done with choir practice. Next month we will be starting sports and piano lessons.  Yes, more waiting.  When I am waiting I can be working on my phone!  I can blog, tweet, update facebook, answer emails, etc.  I have loved being connected.

I don’t forget things!

I have also started using my phone for grocery lists, to-do lists and my calendar.  As a mother of four I can’t forget activities, meetings and everything, everyone else is doing.  I use my Google Calendar to keep me on track!

I know there are a lot of things I haven’t done yet with my phone but so far it has been great! So the question I pose to you is what do you prefer an Android or iPhone? And WHY?

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