Facebook Social Networking: Fan Page Friday Tips

Facebook Social Networking TipsThe Key to Quality Networking on Facebook

What better day to post this than Friday!  There is some Fan Page Friday engagement etiquette I think everyone who participates should follow.

It shocks me a lot to see how some people network on Facebook. You have probably seen it on your own page.  Someone follows you from a fan page Friday party and they send you a private message AND post to your page letting you know they followed you from that fan page Friday.


25 Jul 2014

The Pocket App – Get Organized & Save Time

The Pocket AppPocket is an amazing social media tool. It is your library of information. What you add to this library is then always at your finger tips.

Online or offline you can access your travel articles, business finds, social media tips, and fun reads. Plus you are able to save videos and photos!

Formerly Read it Later, Pocket is NOT just a service, but a TOOL. As a social media manager I use this tool for my clients and as always my own personal use.

My experience with Pocket really is a love relationship!


22 Jul 2014

A Tip on Blog Post Images

Have you looked closely at your blog post images?

When you go to your live blog and scroll over an image what do you see? Does the image link to your WordPress content uploads and look something like this?

www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/thedate/image title.jpg

If it looks like this, you should go into WordPress and change it. I’ll show you how below.


05 Feb 2013

Happy New Year 2011

New Year 2011 - Greetings
What an exciting day it is today, the very first day of the new year! It is always hard to believe another year has gone by.  Today is a great day (if you haven’t already) to look back and see what you have accomplished in your life and business. Know where you have been so you can better know where you want to go.  If you are anything like me, today you are working on resolutions or goals that you have already set. Yesterday I sat down and wrote out my goals for this year and then I went a step further and I wrote out what I needed to do in order to reach those goals. It felt really good and I feel really confident about achieving these goals.

What are you doing in your business this year?  How is social media going to play a role in your business?

Today is a short and sweet blog post.  What I would really like to know is how has social media effected your business in 2010 and how will you improve on it in 2011?

Creative Commons License photo credit: valcanno

01 Jan 2011

Hot Social Media News Dec. 18, 2010

The controversial Christmas tree

We are getting very close to Christmas!  I hope you are all having a great time with family and friends this holiday season!  Sometimes it is hard to get everything you need to get done.  I for one am not done with my Christmas shopping.  I have not sent out my Christmas cards and I have eight little girls coming over for my 8 year old’s birthday party today.  I am a bit behind to say the least!!  I do have news for you!  Social Media News stops for nothing!! So here goes!

I love this post.  If you are a new smart phone users here are 8 Apps that are priceless.  I discovered I already use most of them but a few I am missing!

What Real-Time Web products do you use?  Here are the Top 10 Real-Time Web products.

Foursquare is all about marketing by location, location, location.  Mashable shares with us how to market on Foursquare without location!

This could be helpful when writing your LinkedIn profile: The 10 most overused words on LinkedIn profiles!

So what YouTube videos have gone viral this week? Here you go.

Is Delicious going to shut down or are they just leaving Yahoo?

Have you ever wondered what people do online?  Here is a graph that shows what the generations do online!

Creative Commons License photo credit: slideshow bob

18 Dec 2010