Looking to Buy Images? We Offer a New Service

Buy ImagesWe just released a new service here at Get a Social Boost. You can NOW buy images from us at affordable package prices.

Why Images?

Many people relate better visually – I do.  It is easier to process information when we have an image. Plus our memories can always use a kick start.  Images do that.

How many times can you recall a memorable site because of an image you saw there? How often have you said, “Business XYZ is just what I was looking for” because of their well fashioned images.

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Novice to Advanced Atlanta Business Workshop

Atlanta Business WorkshopHave you ever heard of the Novice to Advanced Marketing System workshop?  I am here writing this post at home while everyone is learning and networking in Atlanta, GA.  Up until this one, NAMS 12, I have been to all but the first two.  It’s taken place every February and August for as long as I can remember.

I was introduced to #myNAMS by Lynn Terry, my mentor from Clicknewz.  Ever since I started attending, I have made connections that have made my business grow each and every year.

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Skype: Stay Connected

Skype: Stay ConnectedSkype is one of the most popular “communication platforms” & one we use almost daily here at GASB. It is simple to get started, plus super easy to use.

The world has no limits now-a-days. Family, friends, and work are not just located locally anymore. Skype helps everyone stay connected.

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Facebook Social Networking: Fan Page Friday Tips

Facebook Social Networking TipsThe Key to Quality Networking on Facebook

What better day to post this than Friday!  There is some Fan Page Friday engagement etiquette I think everyone who participates should follow.

It shocks me a lot to see how some people network on Facebook. You have probably seen it on your own page.  Someone follows you from a fan page Friday party and they send you a private message AND post to your page letting you know they followed you from that fan page Friday.

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The Pocket App – Get Organized & Save Time

The Pocket AppPocket is an amazing social media tool. It is your library of information. What you add to this library is then always at your finger tips.

Online or offline you can access your travel articles, business finds, social media tips, and fun reads. Plus you are able to save videos and photos!

Formerly Read it Later, Pocket is NOT just a service, but a TOOL. As a social media manager I use this tool for my clients and as always my own personal use.

My experience with Pocket really is a love relationship!

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